Welcome to the Hyde Park Medical Clinic

New Patients welcome. Appointments available. Our services include:

  • Other Medicals

    Other Medicals

    Our clinical staff can help you to complete the following medical assessments: Taxi Licence Commercial or Private Vehicles Licence Over 75s Drivers’ Licence Disability Pension Taxi and Public Transport Subsidy Talk to our friendly staff if you have any other…

  • Travel Medicine

    Travel Medicine

    What is Travel Health? Travel Health involves helping travellers to stay healthy and avoid illness and injury during their overseas trips. Many infectious diseases can be prevented by vaccination prior to travel, and it is important to ensure your routine…

  • Corporate Medicals

    Our clinic welcomes corporate and pre-employment medical assessments. We are happy to liaise with your company to provide a comprehensive and efficient service. The clinic has Pathology, ECG, Spirometry and Glucometer on site.

  • Procedural Medicine

    Procedural Medicine

    Our doctors and nurses can perform the following procedures on site: Biopsies of skin lesions Cryotherapy Electro-cautery Lung function testing / Spirometry ECGs Insertion of contraceptive implants Removal of intrauterine devices Pap smears Dressing of wounds Please call and speak…

  • Mental health

    Mental health

    Our doctors are skilled in managing mental health issues including Depression, Anxiety and Bipolar disorder. We work with local psychologists under the Medicare Better Access scheme. If you would like to discuss a referral to a psychologist, or a Mental…

  • Mens Health

    Mens Health

    Our doctors are passionate about preventative care. Ask us about our 45 to 49 year old Health Assessments. We also offer screening for bowel and prostate cancer. Talk to us about when you should start. At Hyde Park can have…

  • Womens Health

    Womens Health

    We are lucky enough to have 8 female doctors at Hyde Park. We can help you with your gynaecological concerns and regular pap tests. 4 of our doctors are certified for Shared Antenatal care, so speak to your hospital and…

  • Paediatrics

    All our GPs are skilled in managing paediatric conditions and we will liaise with Paediatric specialists for any, more complex needs.

  • Family Medicine

    Family Medicine

    Hyde Park Medical has been serving the local community for 114 years. We are passionate about family medicine and being available for all your family’s health needs. Our practice is committed to providing comprehensive, evidence-based, holistic health care indiscriminately to…