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Some of the specialist services offered at the Hyde Park Medical clinic are as follows:

Travel Medicine

Travel Medicine

What is Travel Health?

Travel Health involves helping travellers to stay healthy and avoid illness and injury during their overseas trips. Many infectious diseases can be prevented by vaccination prior to travel, and it is important to ensure your routine immunisations are also up to date. Travel can also put you in contact with other medical conditions that are less common or not present in Australia, such as malaria, dengue fever, schistosomiasis and other tropical diseases. These conditions cannot be prevented by vaccination, but education about how to minimise your risk of contracting these infections can help you make the most of your holiday time. Travellers diarrhoea is a common problem for Australians travelling overseas, and its effect on your holiday can be devastating. We aim to ensure you have the best chance of avoiding these problems by education about avoiding the risks, and then options for management of common problems if they occur.

Hyde Park Medical Clinic Travel Health Services

Your Travel Health consultation will be conducted by Dr Madeline Turnbull, who has a special interest and additional qualifications and experience in providing travel health advice. Together, you will discuss your planned trip including the destinations and also your planned activities while travelling. This will allow a specific discussion of the recommended preparations for your planned trip, including vaccinations, need for mosquito avoidance and/or medications to prevent malaria, and management options for other common problems such as travellers diarrhoea.

Please ensure you let the receptionists know, when booking an appointment, that you are seeking travel medicine advice. You may need a longer appointment to ensure there is adequate time to cover all the important issues. Please bring to your appointment any record of past vaccinations that you have had: this will ensure vaccination courses already completed do not need to be repeated unnecessarily. If vaccinations are recommended prior to your planned trip, most will be available on the day if you wish to proceed at the same appointment. Hyde Park Medical Clinic is an accredited Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre.